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Sustain Affiliate Network

Welcome to the affiliate program from Sustain! We consider our affiliate partners as true partners. Together we want to make a succes from the Sustain brand as well as your website, store or instagram account.

Partners from Sustain can earn money by promoting our great fashion products through their own channel. This can be a store, a website, a blog or a social media account like Facebook or Instagram. We will track all your followers when they come to our online store via your channel. This can be by a click or with a unique coupon code, that you give to your followers.

The Sustain Affiliate Program is a revenue share program that gives you the opportunity to earn commission each time your site, blog or social media account drives visitors that buy a product at Sustain.

In this affiliate program there are three kind of users!

  • Publisher – the taker of the advertisement can start advertising Sustain products, fill his/her advertising fields and to earn money
  • Stores - when you own a store and sell Sustain products, you can tell your Sustain buyers to buy more on the internet. Give your clients your own and unique bonuscode and we will share the revenue generate by your store customers.
  • Social Media accounts. As a blogger you can send your followers via a unique link or a unique bonuscode to our webstore. We will track your followers and share the revenue from what they spend on Sustain.

To start earning, you as a publisher need to register in the Sustain Affiliate network.

 In the Sustain Affiliate system you will be able to follow the everyday transactions and analyse your advertisement efficiency.

Register and start earning for every new client today! Register here!

Thank you!